reminder to all my friends who enjoy astronomy… there will be a full moon for the lunar eclipse this wednesday night and almost everyone should be able to see it :)  

Photograph by BRET WEBSTER 
i want to lay down with someone and look up at the night sky.  I want to point out all the constellations and talk about just how vast and amazing the universe is… all the possibilities… the endless and infinite universe.
Delicate Twilight (by Alex Noriega.)
Phendrana’s Edge (by Alex Noriega.)
credit to my friend, tonights blue moon
I wish you spelled meteor right that last time but still

Giant Molecular Clouds
Scattered throughout the interstellar medium - the space between stars - giant molecular clouds, comprised primarily of hydrogen, are the reservoir of raw materials from which stars are born. By surveying the density and temperature of these cosmic clouds, Spitzer provides important clues about the physical conditions and chemical compositions that produce protostars, or baby stars.
done with pastels and pen, again by me